This is the height of it all! I’m shaking tables in this post! Simply because it’s been a while (13 days) since my last post. As I type this post, it’s 2:12AM and I’m currently in my room in Eni Njoku and mosquitoes are feasting on me.

Before I get down to the gist for today, allow me to reintroduce myself just in case there’s a visitor or a new comer on here. I am Donald The Talebearer and I’m a student, a lifestyle blogger and an influencer. If you’re new, just leave a comment with your name stating that you’re new and I’ll give you a loud shout out πŸ˜‰!

Without further ado, let’s get down to the “business” of the day.


What exactly is your problem?

A good friend of mine who is also a known influencer here in UNILAG asked for my advice concerning his relationship life and believe me, after he explained his position, I got confused and told him I’ll ask y’all on here. So read the next few lines very carefully.

Ade (real name withheld) has had a girlfriend for more than six months now, and they’ve had their off and on times. During one of their off times (recent ASUU strike period), Ade developed feelings for various other girls (also students on campus) but he prioritized one particular girl and maintained normal parole levels with the others. But the girl Ade prioritized already put him in the friend zone and Ade has been stupidly comfortable there.

Well, sometime later (this week), Ade and his actual girlfriend came on again and the girlfriend found out about Ade’s priority babe. As per normal levels, girlfriend pressed p and changed it for Ade even when Ade kept explaining that priority babe and him were just friends.

Girlfriend didn’t break up though, she told Ade that it was cool. The next day, Ade saw his girlfriend with her side nigga from waay backπŸ˜‚ yeah I know, it threw him off balance but man didn’t get hot. Now, Ade’s problem is that he loves his girlfriend, but she effed up and he is thinking of making “priority babe” become the main babe. Again, you see that teenagers have problems sha. πŸ˜’


Who is even at fault here, Ade or his girlfriend? Your comments might save a life o πŸ˜† don’t hold back. Oh and this is an actual life situation and I have more, because I have crazy friends. If you want to know who Ade is, find your way to my DM and I’ll reveal. πŸ˜‚


I’m rich because I’m fine

Caligynephobia is the fear of beautiful women! Wait first, don’t laugh yet. I have to laugh first.

Happy Sunday Fam! I really hope your day was not inconveniently sunny.

Welcome to my blog once again, I’m still Donald, kindly subscribe if you haven’t.

I used to think I had caligynephobia until mid 2017 when I realized that I was

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What if you are their Karma?

First, Allow me to laugh!

Okay okay, hey there and welcome to my blog, I am still Donald The Talebearer and I’m happy to be here. Are you?

So something happened late last week and I just have to share! So pay close attention because this is spicy gist.

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X Your Ex!

People of God o!!!!! I’m here again!

Welcome back to my blog! I’m Donald The Talebearer and I’m in love with you! 😁

If you like don’t believe, I’m allowed to say anything I like, it’s my blog na!

Thank you so much for always stopping by to read my blog, I appreciate you.

So….. What exactly is wrong with people

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But who is really at fault?

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, kindly subscribe via your email address if you’re new and if you’re a regular tale-lover, yunno ah love you!😁😍

So we know I’m a lifestyle blogger and today, I’mma be focusing on a rather controversial topic, I’ll shake tables but no one will fall so calm your nerves.

This post was supposed to be a video, like a vlog post but for some weird reason, I just keep on dismissing the idea of YouTube. Maybe I’m shy, maybe I’m scared of making nonsense content on there, I don’t know.

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Dear Hypocrites!

Guyyyys! I did it!!! I can’t believe I did it! I actually stayed consistent for January 2019!

This is quite a huge deal because I always thought id never be consistent but here we are, last day of the month and I uploaded four posts this month already. I’m thrilled!

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